MDC Calls For Implementation of Security Sector Reform

Party leader, Tsvangirai, told about 10 000 supporters at Gweru’s Mkoba stadium that security sector reform should be implemented as agreed in the Global Political Agreement (GPA), Sunday.

Tsvangirai challenged partisan forces in the army and police to leave the uniformed forces and join politics.

“If you want politics remove the uniform and we show you what politics is. It is not guns. Stop intimidating people; convince Zimbabweans to vote for you,” he said.

“The institutions of the army and police are national organs not owned by individuals so if it’s about elections remove the uniform and we meet in the political sphere”, added Tsvangirai.

“The violence that we talking about here is not ordinary violence, we are talking about state sponsored violence where the police, the army, the CIO and all state organs are used to beat up people because they are not Zanu (PF).

MDC’s Secretary General Tendai Biti, who has been threatened by the army in the past receiving a bullet in an envelope and having his house petrol bombed said, “We have a politicised military. There has to be security sector reform, soldiers must stay in the barracks, police must stay in the barracks.”