MDC Calls For Mugabe And Tsvangirai Imprisonment

Ncube said that they got reports that Mugabe, Tsvangirai and Mutambara met on Friday in disregard of a High Court order that Mutambara is no longer president of the party. Ncube said this when he addressed villagers, in Garanyemba 30k outside Gwanda town at the weekend.

“We understand a meeting of principals took place Friday and that Mutambara was invited and its clear that if that happened all of them were acting in contempt of court and it is possible for us to apply for the committal to prison for anyone in contempt of court”, said Ncube. “But we will have to seek advise from our lawyers first” , he added.

The Professor who took power under controversial circumstances earlier this year has been refused the position of Deputy Prime Minister despite him being the President of the party.

“You can’t be a Principal unless you are the President of a party, the agreement involves Zanu (PF), MDC T and us and Mutambara has no party,” added Ncube.

Ncube said his party will contest elections with or without reforms to avoid conceding too much space to Zanu (PF).

“We will contest Zanu (PF) whether that fora is fair or unfair, we can’t let them go without a fight”, said the Professor.

Meanwhile the South African President Jacob Zuma’s facilitation team which was in Zimbabwe last week will return to Zimbabwe in March for a series of meetings aimed at resolving the current political problems in Zimbabwe and to come up with a roadmap to democratic elections.

Elton Mangoma, a member of the Tsvangirai led MDC in the negotiations told RadioVOP the team had agreed to return for a series of meetings, one which will be with the GPA (Global Political Agreement) review team that has recently been set up.  They will also meet JOMIC, a commitee composed of members from Zanu (PF) and the two MDC formations which receives complaints and find solution to issues affecting the GPA.  The team will also meet selected people to talk about the roadmap.

He added: “We met with facilitation team and we talked first to get them to understand their responsibility. Then we talked to them about issues of the roadmap to elections and the violence that is bedevilling our country and what steps need to be taken.”

Political parties selected two members from each party to deliberate on a roadmap that President Zuma has drafted. The political party representatives will be making contributions on Zuma’s draft.

The GPA review team is expected to look into issues regarding non-compliance with and breach of the agreement.

Tsvangirai has complained about Mugabe’s unilateralism in the appointments of senior government officials.

Mugabe unilaterally appointed RBZ governor Gideon Gono and Attorney General Johannes Tomana in breach of the agreement. The agreement requires that Mugabe and Tsvangirai agree before any senior government appointments are made.

Mugabe also appointed provincial governors from his Zanu (PF) party without consulting Tsvangirai.

The embattled leader has also threatened to unilaterally call for elections this year but Tsvangirai has said that according to the amended constitution Mugabe has no power to act unilaterally.