MDC Formations Call For Khaya Moyo’s Arrest For Inciting Violence

Addressing a Zanu-PF Midlands provincial conference in Gweru this past weekend, Khaya Moyo told Zanu-PF supporters they should not sit idle when they are attacked by members of the opposition.

Zanu-PF opponents and some ordinary Zimbabweans have come out in full cry over the statement from the Zanu-PF fourth in charge, which they feel is in contrast with last week’s appeals by the three leaders of the country’s co-governing parties against political violence.

“Khaya Moyo must be prosecuted for incitement of violence and he must be locked up,” MDC spokesperson of the Tsvangirai led formation Douglas Mwonzora told Radio VOP last Friday.

“Utterances by Simon Khaya Moyo are a great act of insubordination, coming just a few hours after the principals to the Global Political Agreement including his President Robert Mugabe denounced violence and asked the people of Zimbabwe to follow suit. Now we see him coming out publicly inciting the Zanu-PF youths to beat up their opponents.

“This is a typical situation where Zanu-PF indicates left and turns right. It vindicates our position that Zanu-PF has never been genuine on issues of non violence.”

Qhubani Moyo, national organising secretary with the Professor Welshman Ncube led MDC, also called for Khaya Moyo’s arrest.

“These kinds of reckless statements should be met with the law. He needs to be arrested for statements that incite violence and national disorder,” he said.

“His incitement of violence indicates the desperation in Zanu-PF that they have failed to use any other formula of persuasion to have the people of Zimbabwe voting for them.”

Political analyst Jealous Mawarire said Khaya Moyo should stop setting ordinary Zimbabweans against each other while his own biological children are safe from any political violence.

“The first people he should incite are his own biological children to carry out the acts of violence so that should there be any repercussions, they visit his own family,” he said.

The MDC also feels Khaya Moyo should have urged party supporters to report any attacks on them to the police instead of calling for an eye for an eye among citizens.