MDC Headquarters Attacked By Zanu (PF) Thugs

The attack at Harvest House comes at a time when Tsvangirai during the premier’s question and answer session in the House of Assembly called for all the parties in the coalition government to observe peace and desist from settling issues by using violence.
He said the three principals of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) who include himself, President Robert Mugabe and Deputy Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara agreed for peace in the country and that the message must ‘cascade’ down to ordinary people.
“A group of Zanu PF thugs early this morning attacked the MDC’s head office, Harvest House in central Harare breaking several windows in the process. The attacked took place around 3 am,” the MDC said in a statement.
“However, alert MDC security personnel manning the building for the night managed to confront the thugs but the hooligans escaped. The security personnel recovered eight catapults that were dropped by the Zanu (PF) hoodlums as they fled. Several windows on the first, second and third floors were broken during the attack.”
This is not the first time that Harvest House has been attacked despite that the party’s headquarters is guarded 24 hours.
In January Zanu (PF) supporters who were marching against sanctions along Nelson Mandela street attacked MDC supporters on at Harvest House resulting in some party officials who included councillors sustaining injuries.