MDC Hit At Zim Vice President

Nkomo at the weekend said Zanu PF regretted joining the inclusive government saying the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) was out to reverse the gains of independence. He said it was a grave mistake to enter into an agreement with the MDC.

But in a statement, the MDC said Nkomo should not be taken seriously saying the “unelected” Nkomo has chosen to be a purveyor of acrimony instead of being an agent of national healing.

“The MDC dismisses statements by Zanu PF’s John Nkomo in Esigodini, Matabeleland South recently, as reckless, irresponsible and misbegotten. Mr Nkomo should count himself lucky for being the country’s vice president following the thwarting of his party in the 2008 general election.

 “It was through the magnanimity of the MDC and the people of Zimbabwe that people like Nkomo are still occupying offices in Government.  For the unelected people to then try and deceive the people in the rural areas saying it was out of Zanu PF’s benevolence that the GPA came into existence is regrettable, much as it is dishonest.
“Such utterances are tantamount to creating divisions in a nation that is nursing bruises inflicted by Zanu PF functionaries during a reign of terror that sought to silence any dissenting voice following their landslide defeat to MDC in 2008, from which Zanu PF refused a smooth transition from dictatorship to a full democracy,” said the MDC is a statement.

The MDC said instead of promoting divisions and hatred among the people, Nkomo should concentrate on instilling confidence in the people by talking about fertilizers and agricultural inputs and about bread and butter issues which are of significance to the people.

The statement reminded Nkomo that the inclusive government was a temporary agreement whose sole purpose was tom pull Zimbabwe out of the political and economic crisis. It added that the MDC had come in to bring back the rails after the Zanu PF bungling.
“The people of Zimbabwe deserve better. The national sentiment on the inevitability of change and total transformation has never been in doubt. The sooner Zanu PF and its agents, including Nkomo, comprehend that the better realisation of a national destiny that meets the people’s aspirations.
“It is therefore reckless that Nkomo would suggest that the formation of the inclusive government was a grave political mistake as the only mistake that the people of Zimbabwe ever made, and regrettably so, was to allow Zanu PF’s shadow to dance within the frames of the Zimbabwe portrait.

“The MDC remains committed to the agreement and calls on Zanu PF, Nkomo included, to desist forthwith from inflaming political tensions, poisoning the people’s mind and polluting ordinary citizens’ heart through misguided and ill-thought statements issued to people especially in rural areas,” read part of the highly critical statement.

Since Mugabe announced that elections will be held next year, Zanu PF and the MDC have been trading insults with Tsvangirai recently revealing that he had now spent more than a month without talking to President Robert Mugabe. Tsvangirai went on to describe Mugabe as a crook and dishonest individual.