MDC Lawyer And Magistrate Clashed

he youths were arrested on Saturday afternoon while doing a door to door campaign at houses adjacent to the empty State House in Saursetown low density suburb.

However on Tuesday afternoon one of the 10 party youths Dickson Musaka collapsed in court during a bail hearing and to add salt to an injury Magistrate Muchemwa denied them bail. This did not go down well with their lawyer Phulu who demanded the magistrate to “reconsider his decision since the MDC youths were heavily tortured by the soldiers”.

Muchemwa fired back at Phulu saying that he should not tell him what to do. “The defence can you stop being hostile I am doing my job,” said Muchemwa who was recently sworn as a magistrate.

The MDC youths are being charged with criminal nuisance and the case was postponed to 4 October. Muchemwa ordered that Musaka who collapsed in court be examined by a prison doctor.

Speaking to Radio VOP outside the court an angry Phulu said he was very disappointed by the Magistrate adding that he acted as if the youths had committed murder.

“We are very disappointed by the magistrate’s decision, this is just a simple matter and the state had not opposed bail but the magistrate acts as  my clients  committed murder,” said  Phulu.