MDC M Sacked Chairman Family Beaten

From Mudzumwe’s home, the thugs went to Hillside residential area where they took away Masvingo provincial chairman Robson Mashiri’s Madza B 18.

Mudzumwe who was in Harare when his homestead was being raided said he had to make an urgent trip to Masvingo to rescue his family only to arrive and get the information that the thugs who left Masvingo using Bulawayo highway told his wife that they were acting on instructions by the new national executive under Welshman Ncube.

“I was shocked when I received the news that my family was under fire. My four year old daughter and 12 year old son were the most endangered because they are not able to defend themselves. I left Harare only to arrive at home and get the information that the thugs claimed that they were sent by the ‘new executive’.

“I am really worried because it seems our opponents have ceased thinking and they are now after using psychical power to abuse our loved ones. My children were all crying, when I arrived at home,” said Mudzumwe.

Mashiri said the real fight between the two existing factions in MDC-M ‘has begun’.

“I was also not at home when they arrived and took away my car. As I am speaking they are towing our cars towards Bulawayo. It seems the fight has become more tribal than political. All the people who ambushed my house were Ndebele speaking,” said Mashiri.

Mashiri said they were going to engage their lawyers and claim their properties back.

“We shall not sit and relax, we will fight back. It’s a pity that we did not know the real Welsh (Ncube) when we dumped Tsvangirai. Its like dumping light and prefer to follow darkness, we regret today,” Mashiri lamented.

Efforts to get comment from Ncube were fruitless.

However, Mudzumwe reiterated that they will continue to have Mutambara as their party president.