MDC-M To Recall Mutambara From Inclusive Government

Mutambara, the present president of the MDC M, has publicly stated he will not be seeking nomination at the party’s elective congress as party secretary general Welshman Ncube has been nominated for the top post by nearly all political provinces of the party.

Mutambara became one of the two deputy premiers together with Thokozani Khuphe (MDC-T) courtesy of the Global Political Agreement (GPA) which stated that the other posts be held by MDC M.

But daggers are already out for the robotics professors even before the congress with hardliners in the party seeking to oust him now rather at the congress to pave the way for Ncube.

Ncube, who ironically parachuted Mutambara from the United States of America after the infamous split from Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, has publicly confirmed his interest in leading the smaller faction of the MDC.

“Some of us want Mutambara to go today,” a member of the MDC M confided to Radio VOP on Wednesday.
“But it has been decided that congress will recall him from government because we cannot continue to have him as a GPA principal,” said the MDC M official, who would not be named due to the sensitiveness of the matter.

“MDC M is a people’s project not Welsh or Mutambara’s project. Welsh has to take over immediately after congress and whoever may want Mutambara as a principal will have to look for him in the dust bin,” added the official.

Another insider said hardliners in MDC M will move a motion to have him recalled from government during congress.

“There is no going back on that,” he said. Upon his election at the congress Ncube would formally the other principals about changes in leadership.