MDC Man Was Threatened With Death To Join Zanu (PF)

An MDC official in Masvingo who is close to Zvirevo told Radio VOP on Wednesday that the former Zaka North party organising secretary was forced to rejoin Zanu (PF) by CIO operatives at Zaka Centre who are now guarding him round the clock and using him to denounce his former party.

“Zvirevo is now living in fear, because he is now virtually being held as a hostage by CIO’s and Zanu (PF) militias who believe  that  he is influential and holds sensitive  information about MDC’s strategies,” said the official.

The official expressed fear that once Zanu (PF) and the CIOs discovered that Zvirevo was harmless and had no influence over other supporters and officials in the party, he would be killed, with the murder being blamed on targeted MDC officials.

The official said it was not possible for Zvirevo to have voluntarily rejoined Zanu (PF), as the man survived death by a whisker on June 28, 2008 when the MDC vehicle he was travelling in was burnt and sprayed by bullets by suspected military agents and Zanu (PF) militias, on the eve of the bloody Presidential run-off election where Mugabe was the only contestant.

He said Zvirevo survived by jumping into Chiredzi river, but a few of his colleagues were on that fateful night not so lucky as they were burnt to death and shot to death, while in the MDC district offices in Zaka.

Zvirevo last week claimed that he was dumping MDC because of policy inconsistence claiming that  his former party was being used as a puppet by outside forces bent on reversing the gains of Zimbabwe’s hard-won independence.

Zanu (PF) chairman for Zaka, Tawedzerwa Masase said the former ruling party would use Zvirevo to regain the three constituencies it lost to the MDC-T in  Zaka in the 2008 harmonised elections.

However, the MDC Zaka West Member of Parliament, Festus Dumbu said Zanu (PF) was welcome to take Zvirevo.
Meanwhile war veterans and Zanu (PF) supporters in Mberengwa district in Midlands Province are barring MDC supporters from food for work programmes demanding that they join Zanu (PF) first.

Last month the inclusive government launched food for work programmes in most districts of the Midlands province which were hit by drought. The food for work programmes includes building dams, boreholes and schools. In return the villagers who are involved are receiving 50kg of meal -meallie, 5 litres of cooking oil and bars of soap every month.

However Zanu (PF) militias led by the notorious war veterans leader, Sayinai Madhaka are barring MDC supporters from the programmes requesting they join Zanu (PF).

Edius Moyo, the MDC Mberengwa district chairman, told Radio VOP that Madhaka and Tariro Shoko a Zanu (PF) secretary for ward one, are barring hundreds of MDC supporters from food for work projects and are forcing them to join Zanu (PF).    

“Madhaka and Shoko have taken over  the food for work  programmes  and are using this  to  force our hungry supporters  to join  Zanu (PF). There  are  even selling Zanu (PF) cards during the food for work  programmes,”said Moyo.

Moyo said they have reported the matter to the Mberengwa District Administrator but nothing has been done.

“We  have taken the matter to the  District  Administrator but nothing has  been  done so far,  these guys are politicising  government  projects  which  are suppose to benefit  every body,” said the MDC district chairman .

Moyo also said Madhaka and his gang are promising terror in next year election, against MDC supporters who are refusing to join the Zanu (PF) now.

Two months ago Madhaka with his gang were arrested after they disrupted a Constitutional Parliamentary Committee (COPAC) meeting at Vutsanana secondary school. They were released after paying a fine.