MDC Masvingo 2014 structures reject reinstatement

… as province endorses Chamisa

… ‘Mwonzora has sold the struggle’

By Upenyu Chaota

The contentious Supreme Court judgement, which took MDC-T back to its 2014 structures and nullified the ascendancy of Nelson Chamisa to the presidency of the party after the death of Morgan
Tsvangirai, has found no takers in Masvingo, with the 2014 structures pledging support for Chamisa.

The Supreme Court judgement recognised Thokozani Khupe as the true leader of the MDC-T which was a key stakeholder in the electoral pact of the MDC Alliance heading into the 2018 harmonised polls.

Though Khupe broke away and contested the 2018 elections with her own party, the Supreme Court made her the legitimate leader of her former party and fissures have started to show at the top echelons of the biggest opposition movement.

Douglas Mwonzora, the 2014 secretary general of the MDC has taken control of the driver’s seat stamping his authority.

In Masvingo, the 2014 structures which were led by provincial chairperson James Gumbi retained most positions during the 2019 district and provincial congresses but were later on suspended by Chamisa for allegedly failing to properly lead the province.

Mwonzora, however, this week told TellZim News that the Gumbi executive was off the hook and was back in charge of the province.

“Every decision made by Chamisa has been nullified. All suspensions have been reversed and leaders are back to their duties,” said Mwonzora.

Gumbi, however, told TellZim News that they recognised only Chamisa as their leader; adding that they will not be ‘led astray by blind people’.

“Mwonzora should not drag us into their trivial fights. We have one leader and we remain loyal to president Chamisa. The executive which I led since 2014 is no longer existent that the one that came in 2019 is currently on suspension on the orders of president Chamisa and we will not be fooled into believing otherwise.

“We follow what president Chamisa says and until he says we have been cleared we remain on suspension,” said Gumbi.

He said Chamisa was their leader and the whole country is pinning its hopes on him to lead them to the ‘promised land’. Every struggle has one visionary. We had Morgan Tsvangirai and we walked with him. God decided to take him from us and the vision was passed on to Chamisa and he will lead us.

“If two people think that they have a vision then there will be division. We should not betray our people by engaging in petty fights.

“Khupe has her party and I do not see why she wants to come back to ours. Mwonzora and his team have betrayed the struggle. It is a shame,” said Gumbi.

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