MDC Provincial Chair Arrested

Masvingo provincial police spokesperson Inspector Tinaye Mateke confirmed the arrest. “He was arrested by the police today and he is assisting us with investigations. I can not give details as to why he was arrested for now but all you need to know is that Sitimere was arrested.”

His son, Raphael Sitemere, said five police officers arrested his father at the family’s house in Masvingo’s low density suburb of Rhodene. He said there was nothing his father had done besides having a rally in Masvingo North where he lost to Zanu PF’s Stan Mudenge in March 2008 by a slim margin.

“We suspect that he was arrested because of the message he was telling people at a rally last week. He was saying Mugabe must not be allowed to cheat people again. He urged villagers to stand firm and refuse to be abused by Zanu PF in any manner,” said the son. “Soon after the rally last weekend, my father continuously received messages that he was going too far in insulting the president and his office. Besides that I do not know why he was arrested.”

“We are still in state of shock, we are not sure of what happened, we are only aware that he was arrested but we do not have a clue as to why Sitimere was arrested. We are going to meet soon and come up with a way forward,” said party provincial spokesperson and Masvingo Urban legislator Tongai Matutu.