MDC Rallies Banned In Gutu

Chief Serima, born Vengai Rushwaya has barred MDC-T from conducting rallies in his area after he accused MDC legislator for Masvingo Urban, who is also Deputy Minister of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment, Tongai Matutu, of assaulting him.
Chief Serima is said to have assaulted MDC activist Lovemore Chamisa, on the head with a brick, seriously injuring him for reportedly failing to greet him when he saw him at a business centre in Gutu last weekend.

Chief Serima, according to Matutu, rushed to make a police report leading to the arrest of the Deputy Minister and five other party activists,

However, no docket was opened and this confirmed the reports by the MDC that the chief actually rushed to make a false report to the police when in actual fact he had hit the MDC member.

In an interview with Radio VOP Monday, MDC provincial chairman Wilstuff Sitemere said Chief Serima had no right to ban any rally in his area as he did not have such power to do so.

“Why are chiefs getting involved in politics? They should leave politics for politicians. If they want to get into politics, then they should quit their traditional roles and let us know.

“We do not observe the ban by Chief Serima. How can he ban only MDC rallies? If he wants to ban rallies, then he should also ban Zanu (PF) rallies,” Sitemere said.

“We will not observe the ban. We are going to conduct rallies as usual,” he said.

Sitemere accused the chief of trying to make the area a no-go-area for the once opposition party and thus secure a Zanu (PF) seat in the impending elections.

Chief Serima, fearing a backlash for his actions, said his life will be in danger if the MDC rallies are conducted in the area.

“My life is now at risk, I heard the MDC discussed my issue at their provincial meeting days ago,” he said.