MDC Renewal Team Fears Parliament Expulsion

Biti’s MDC Renewal Team, that joined Professor Weshman Ncube’s faction to form the new United MDC, has admitted the party stands to lose any polls against Zanu PF should the Tsvangirai’s MDC-T succeed in getting some legislators expelled from parliament.

Panic and confusion have gripped the divided opposition party which, despite claiming not to contest in any by-elections, might be forced to participate once some legislators are recalled.

To recall legislators  or  not, to  participate  in by-elections or not? the opposition MDC seems in quandary not knowing the direction to take.

Tsvangirai’s MDC-T has declared that it will not take part in any by-elections until electoral reforms are made.

The formation however is threatening to expel 21 legislators and if parliament accepts the position, there would be by-elections in all those constituencies.

MDC Renewal Team spokesperson, Jacob Mafume said recalling from parliament legislators loyal to Tendai Biti is knowingly donating seats to Zanu PF on a silver platter.

Mafume however refused that his group has formed a new party but insisted it has only mulled going into a grand coalition, thus the calls for the expulsion of their legislators from parliament by Tsvangirai are devoid of reason.

“We have not formed a new party. We just spoke about going into a coalition and for that reason it doesn’t make sense for the Tsvangirai team to seek a recall,” he said.

MDC-T Secretary General, Douglas Mwonzora wrote to the Speaker of the National Assembly demanding a recall of legislators who have sworn loyalty to Biti, who broke ranks with Tsvangirai last year.

Last year, the Speaker of the National Assembly, Advocate Jacob Mudenda ruled that the MDC-T dispute was only about the legitimacy of leadership within the party and could not spill into parliament.