MDC Renewal Team Must Just Talk To Their Leader: Mrs Tsvangirai

Birmingham, July, 27, 2014-MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s wife Elizabeth Macheka has said that all and any problems Tendai Biti and his Renewal MDC faction are having will be easily solved with a chat with her husband. “Those who left the party who are now called The Renewal Team they must just talk with their leader”, Mai Tsvangirai said. Mai Tsvangirai was speaking at a rally in Birmingham on Saturday afternoon shortly before her husband took to the podium. When party president  Morgan Tsvangirai rose to the podium to address members, he began by dismissing the Renewal Team as a pure ZANU PF project addding that Biti and his camp cannot be taken seriously at all. “The Renewal was formed to defend ZANU PF that is all, said Tsvangirai. He attacked Biti for allegedly taking ZANU PF bribes. “If you consumed ZANU PF money, wait and see, hayiende mahara,” said Tsvangirai. He continued, “when you took that money we were there together and now you want us take you seriousldebate, lets do it; openly we do character debate. But you must know that you also have your own issues. If you live in a glass house. Handiti ndizvo? Tsvangirai also added towards saying that Biti cannot be taken seriously. “When people decide to leave the party, it is their democratic right to go and form their party, said Tsvangirai. “You think we can take those people seriously?,” he said.

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