MDC Renewal Team Scrounges For Congress Money

THE MDC Renewal Team, has come face to face with the liquidity crunch blighting the national economy in its bid to launch itself into the country’s highly competitive political arena. 
As it prepares to stage its inaugural elective congress in the capital at the end of this month, the party has been forced to scrounge around for cash, cap in hand, in order to fund the extent.
Samuel Sipepa-Nkomo the party’s interim president, this week said they were looking for the “cheapest” possible route of staging the congress.
“There is no money in the country and that is affecting us, but we are confident that we will all the same be able to hold the congress at the end of the month,” he told the Financial Gazette.
With under a week to go before the three-day congress to run from June 24 to 26, the party has little time available to raise the required cash.
While Sipepa-Nkomo could not disclose the budget for the congress, party insiders said over US$300 000 was needed to host delegates from across the country.
By their nature, elective congresses are an expensive affair.
The ruling Zanu(PF) party, has for instance sought donations from companies and cut deals with service providers to meet the cost of catering for its delegates.
Since its inception, the MDC Renewal Team has been operating without a substantive leadership.
When it launched in March 2014, after breaking ranks with the mainstream MDC lead by Morgan Tsvangirai, Sekai Holland was appointed to lead the outfit in the interim.
To date, the MDC Renewal Team has held provincial conventions in 10 out of its 12 provinces.
The provincial conventions were funded by members in the respective provinces, with the national leadership chipping in with contributions here and there.


Financial Gazette