MDC Rubbishes Prof Ncube's Essar Probe

The MDC National spokesperson, Nhlanhla Dube told Radio Voice of the People in an interview Thursday that it is not only nonsensical, false, defamatory, scandalous and malicious but a desperate act by those who have been out thought, out organised and out articulated and are now resorting to unorthodox means as they cannot stop the green machine .

Dube said Professor Ncube like all other party deployments to government has discharged his duties with the highest level of prudency and honesty.

“Our political party always demands the most stringent adherence to best practice and regard for transparency in the discharge of public affairs from all its officials in all arms of government.

“We wish to unequivocally and without any prevarication place it on record that the accusations being leveled against Prof. Ncube are not only spurious but pejorative and profane, sorely aimed at injuring both the person and political credibility of Prof. Ncube as both a public servant and leader of the MDC,” added Dube.

He said that MDC should the ill thought probe be instituted by government on Prof. Ncube then a full announcement should be made to the public and that those that have found it convenient to set aside their well-known political disputes to pursue a common cause of embarrassing Prof. Ncube will eat their self-served humble pie with the same amount of brouhaha and bravado.

“We believe that parliamentary oversight should not be used as a forum for displaying petty jealousies. Parliamentary privilege should not be abused to make unsubstantiated accusations against our country’s guests such as Essar.

“When Hon. Madzimure says that money exchanged hands corruptly, one would expect the Honourable member to avail that same information to the law enforcement agencies,” explained Dube.

He said the level of reckless and careless statement unfortunately only serves to discredit our legislature and that Parliamentarians should not abuse the parliamentary privileges to assassinate characters of hardworking and progressive Zimbabweans like Professor Ncube.

MDC said such assaults on Ncube and the Party will not stop their resolve and fight for democracy that entails empowerment of local communities through devolution of power.

A few parliamentarians recently accused Prof Ncube of corruptly dealing with Essar Investors.