MDC Senior Official In Sex Scandal

A report compiled by the disgruntled youth, accused the official (name given), whom they recently assaulted and confiscated his car, of using his privileged position to hire females in exchange of sexual favours as well as his cronies to party positions.

“There is gross abuse of female workers who are promised protection to stay at work or get a salary increase through sexual favours,” said the youth in a report titled “Report on Activities within the Party,” made available to Radio VOP on Monday.

The report came just days after incidents of violence were witnessed at Harvest House, the MDC headquarters, with senior party officials
failing to contain the disgruntled and jobless youth.

“He has been involved in not less than four sexual relationships with female workers at Harvest House,” said the youths listing the names of the female workers.

One of the female workers work with the MDC Women’s Assembly, the other once worked in the party as a secretary, while the other two work in the Information department and MDC’s Bulawayo office.

The official who once worked in the MDC South Africa office, came back to Zimbabwe in 2006 to work as an organiser before he was appointed the party’s Chief Executive Officer, amid serious opposition from some members of the party.

The official, a quite character, is a Chartered Accountant by profession. His office is the heartbeat of the MDC party’s national
operations. He is also accused of setting up parallel structures loyal to party Secretary General Tendai Biti, but the MDC have denied reports of a rift within the party.

The official was in September 2006 part of a group of labour and political activists who were severely beaten by the police after a protest march in central Harare.

The MDC said the youth involved in the recent skirmished had been suspended pending investigations. The party described the incident as an ‘abhorrent incident.’

Meanwhile on Monday Tsvangirai called for unity within the party.

Addressing journalists at his party’s headquarters in Harare, Tsvangirai blamed “retrogressive elements” for attempting to divide the party and divert it from its agenda.

“The…above agenda can only be achieved by standing together, by fighting together for the principles upon which this party is based and by ensuring that no retrogressive elements are able to divide the people’s party in its drive to deliver real change to the people of this country.”

Tsvangirai said he was still comrades with Biti. “The SG and I have been comrades in this struggle for many, many years and have stood together throughout this time and we will not allow the enemies of real change to succeed in derailing the people’s cause.”

Tsvangirai said an investigating team of the recent skirmishes had presented a report.

But on Saturday, Tsvangirai seemed to confirm the misunderstanding between him and Biti when he slammed the Minister’s recent announcement that the government had frozen salaries for civil servants.

In a fashion he usually uses against Zanu (PF) officials, Tsvangirai told a Workers Day gathering in Harare that “the government did not announce a wage freeze”, adding that if ever such a freeze were to take place, it would come alongside a price freeze.

As confusion and uncertainty continue to dog the constitution making process following the dispatching of parallel teams from Zanu (PF), Tsvangirai said they were “not comfortable” with the pace of the constitution making process.

“Our party is ready to engage in the constitution making process fully and in this all steps have been taken to ensure that the people’s voice is heard in the consultative process leading to the referendum soon after the second all-stakeholders conference later this year,” he added.

Tsvangirai also described the land scandal that has rocked the the city of Harare as political.

The report, has seen eight MDC councillors and Harare Mayor Muchadeyi Masunda hauled to court by Harare businessman Philip Chiyangwa, who has been accused of obtaining land from the city illegally. Local Government and Housing Minister Ignatius Chombo was also named as one of the senior government officials, who abused his office to acquire land. Chiyangwa alleged he was defamed by the report and is suing for US$ 900 million. Five journalists, who wrote articles, based on the report, have since been subponaed to give evidence in court when the case resumes this week.

The council reported Chiyangwa and Chombo to the police, who are yet to make any arrests.

“We have a Harare report as you are aware.I brought (the report) to the attention of the President and the unnecessary threats that are
being used to intimidate the councillors,” Tsvangirai said.

“There is anti-corruption commission coming so we will of course be making reference to that but at the moment it’s a political issue
between me and the President of the country,” he said.