MDC Supporters Languishing In Prison

Patrick Chikoti, Faith Mudiwa and Phillip Dowera are MDC-T members from Tsvingwe area were arrested on allegations of acting in a disorderly order which is likely to cause breach of peace. The three were singing anti Mugabe songs during the burial of Anna Mateya, the Ward 21 vice chair-person.

Mutare magistrate Eniya Ndiraya had granted the three a US$100 bail but Karombe appealed against the granting the three activists bail citing that he was doing so to protect the MDC-T activists.

The three are said to have insulted President Robert Mugabe by singing “Muoffice mune mboko ngatishande nesimba tiise President Tsvangirai”, a song which suggested that Mugabe must be removed and replaced by Tsvangirai, the current Main MDC faction leader and Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

The three who were represented by Peggy Tavagadza of the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights will appear in court again on Monday when the magistrate will review their bail application.