MDC Suspends Top Official over Sex Scandal

The two are suspected to have been having a sexual relationship despite their married status.
“The MDC has launched a thorough investigation into allegations of misconduct, professional deviance and unacceptable behaviour within
the party’s rank and file involving Toendepi Shonhe, the MDC Director General and an employee in the Information and Publicity Department,”
said Chamisa who deliberately avoided naming Mutsimba in his media brief which took place after a high level meeting which was also attended by the party’s President Morgan Tsvangirai.
Chamisa said an eight-day investigation into the matter has since been opened. “The investigation is meant to either locate or negate abuse of office,” said Chamisa.
“While acknowledging the desirability of the privacy of the aforementioned two, the party unreservedly condemns any commission or omission that undermines the values and morals of the party of excellence.”
The eight day investigation into the matter will be led by MDC T National Executive Committee members, Norman Mabhena, Lucia Matibenga and Lawyer Innocent Chagonda.
Chamisa said the decision taken by his party demonstrates that MDC is different from Zanu PF because it acts on issues that affect the moral fibre of the country.
“This shows the difference between us and Zanu PF, if we have an issue we act on it, if we have a Chombo at Harvest House we act,” said
Chamisa indirectly referring to Zanu PF MP and Minister Ignatius Chombo who stands at the centre of a huge corruption scandal that came out during the discussion of a messy divorce affair with his wife Marian.
Chamisa also said his party was acting on the issue of its Ambassador to Australia who was recently recalled back to Harare after she allegedly stripped in front of male embassy staff after a misunderstanding.
Jacqueline Zwambila was recalled last week from Canberra where she was posted early this year by the government.
“This also applies to Zwambila. We don’t want to judge but we are going to compliment the investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get to the bottom of what actually happened in Canberra,” said Chamisa.
Meanwhile the party has recalled Kudakwashe Matimbiri from his leave to take over Shonhe’s position at the party’s headquarters.