MDC-T Blasts Mugabe For Endless Foreign Travel

By Staff Reporter

Harare, May 29, 2016 – THE MDC-T on Saturday blasted President Robert Mugabe for disdainfully ignoring wide calls for him to cut down on his often costly foreign trips which it says have brought no economic returns to the troubled country.

President Mugabe flew out again Friday for Papua, New Guinea where he was set to attend a summit for African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) states which begins on Monday and ends on Wednesday.


The Zimbabwean leader, who hardly spends a month without flying out, was fresh from a trip to Fort Hare University in Cape Town which he combined with a private trip to Singapore.

“His foreign trips never cease and it seems like he gets sick if he spends a single month in Harare,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said Saturday.

“So far this year his trips have gobbled a whopping $80 million and there is not a single achievement made through his insatiable appetite for air travel.”

The party condemned Mugabe for allegedly trying to please the world and trying to fix global issues and yet failing to fix the myriad problems in his own backyard.

“The MDC thunderously condemns Mugabe’s purposeless and costly trip to Papua New Guinea because it shows Mugabe’s cavalier approach to the issues affecting Zimbabwe,” Gutu said.

“People have spoken but he remains mute, deaf and blind. His obstinacy is amazing. Even trips that require a secretary of a ministry, Mugabe takes over.  To date he lives as the most travelled African leader who brought home more hunger, poverty and suffering.

“This is the same man who delivered tired speeches on the so called million man march as he had nothing to prove to reciprocate the blasphemous accolades he received from Zanu PF apologists benefitting from the insipid corruption that has become the hallmark of the decadent and insensitive regime.

“After the senseless heaped praises on Mugabe as the only President with a sense of purpose in Africa, people are back into rearing zvihuta. And he still travels and enjoys himself and family as the nation suffers.

“Once a President shows no concern for the plight of the ordinary people, what is the point in trusting him to lead? Imagine a President who uses Singapore hospitals because he cannot revamp those in Zimbabwe?”

Former Finance Minister Tendai Biti has said Mugabe often travels with up to $4 million in cash obtained from the national coffers.

In many instances, the Zimbabwean leader has failed to return the change back to treasury.


President Mugabe’s spokespersons have defended his endless foreign trips saying they bring benefits in different ways to the country.