MDC-T Bulawayo Chairman Gorden Moyo Resigns

Bulawayo, June 13, 2014 -The Bulawayo provincial chairperson of the MDC-T, Gorden Moyo, has resigned citing violence in the opposition party.
Moyo told journalists that he will remain an ordinary member of the party and Makokoba lawmaker.
He said the MDC-T leadership has failed to handle the outcome of the 2013 elections in which the party was defeated by President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.
The party claims that the elections were rigged by a state machinery linked to the president and his party.
Moyo noted that the conflict in the MDC-T is causing headaches for the leadership and party followers and as a result, he cannot be forced to implement some of the decisions made by the National Executive.
The lawmaker, who has chaired the province for a few years, was quoted by the local media as saying, “I don’t believe in fragments. Whether the fragment is led by Morgan Tsvangirai or Tenda Biti. I don’t want to implement decisions I don’t agree with.

“Some people might see this as cowardice. I don’t care. I believe in principles. If we have a unified project for the people of Zimbabwe I am available” said Moyo.