MDC-T Chair Quizzed About Arms Cache At His Home

An AK47 rifle and a full bullet magazine were discovered at Nyamambi’s home on Saturday. But when the MDC-T district chairman, who said the arms were planted by his political rivals, took them to police, he was arrested and questioned. He was released the following day Sunday and police said they will pick him again.

Speaking to Radio VOP on Sunday Nyamambi said he believed this was the work of Zanu (PF) and government spy agency, Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) members.

“When I took the arms to police they arrested and questioned me on why these arms were found at my house but I told them openly this was the work of Zanu (PF) and CIOs. Zanu (PF) wanted me to rot in jail because they believe I am the stumbling block in their bid to win this constituency in next elections,” said Nyamambi.

The police docket number Nyamambi’s case is RB 11815/67.

Victoria Falls which falls under Hwange West constituency has been an MDC –T stronghold since year 2000 and Gift Mabhena is the current legislator.

When contacted MDC-T Matebeleland North Provincial chairman Sengezo Tshabangu also blamed Zanu (PF) over the arms which were found at Nyamambi’s home.

“This is not different from Roy Bennett’s case, Zanu (PF) is desperate they want to continue tarnishing our party’s image by planting arms at homes of our members. I am happy that Nyamambi was quick to rush to police after discovering the arms because police are now confused on what to do with the case. They had arrested him for questioning but he was released,” said Tshabangu.

There has been upsurge of in the number of MDC activists harassed by police and Zanu (PF) supporters in the Matebeleland North province in the past recent months. Police have also banned MDC meetings in the province.

According to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) Matabeleland North province  is now a hostile province as police have so far arrested or harass more than 40 politicians and human rights activists January.

Meanwhile MDC-T youths have threatened mass action over the arrest and incarceration of their Youth Assembly President Solomon Madzore who is facing murder charges.

Madzore was arrested on Tuesday on charges of killing a police Inspector Petros Mutedza in May and is currently languishing in Remand Prison after denied bail at Harare Magistrate court on Friday.

However addressing over 2000 MDC youths at Induba grounds in Pelandaba High density suburb on Sunday afternoon during the launch of presidential elections campaign the party’s youth assembly Vice President, Costa Machingauta threatened a mass action over Madzore’s incarceration.

“Madzore is languishing in prison right now and police are being used by Zanu (PF) to arrest and harass our leaders. We are  not  going to sit back and watch the struggle continues and mass  protests is  the solution, enough  is enough ,”said Machinguta to a round of applause.

Machingauta added: “(President) Mugabe is the main reason why we are suffering and why we are in abject poverty, he should be removed in the next elections.”

Speaking at the same rally MDC-T Youth Assembly Spokesperson Clifford Hlatswayo said Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai as Mugabe is now history.

“Mugabe is finished Tsvangirai will be walking into the State House after next elections there is no doubt about that comrades,” said Hlatswayo.

Deputy Prime Minister Thokozani Khupe who was expected to lead the elections campaign launch did not attend as she was said to be unwell.

The MDC Youth Assembly national leaders and several party Members of Parliament, Senators attended the rally.

Although no dates have been set, Mugabe and his Zanu (PF) party have said elections should be held before March 2012, but civic groups want reforms to ensure a level playing field before the polls.

Mugabe has said he will not invite election observers from Britain and the European Union because they imposed sanctions against his Zanu (PF).