MDC-T Chipinge Legislator Charged With Theft

Nyamudeza was arrested when he reported at Chipinge Rural Police Station in the company of his lawyer Langton Mhungu.Prosecutor Last Goredema alleged that Nyamudeza stole the pre-cast concrete pipes some time in February.Goredema accused the Chipinge West legislator of instructing “ certain ” people to steal and ferry the concrete pipes from Bangwe to Tanganda in Chipinge without the authority of the state-run institution.

Mhungu, who is a member of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights, said his client denies the charges. Nyamudeza was granted $100 bail by Chipinge Magistrate Chrispen Ngweshiwa who ordered him to report once a week on Fridays to Chipinge Rural Police Station. Ngweshiwa also ordered the legislator to continue residing at his given address and not to interfere with witnesses.