MDC-T Condemns Politicisation Of National Events

By Itai Muzondo

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) has come out guns blazing attacking the ruling party Zanu(PF) for the politicisation of national events like the independence where they claim that it is more of a Zanu (PF) rally than a national event which should be commemorated by every Zimbabwean.

The former MDC-T Masvingo provincial chairman Benard Chiondengwa spoke to Radio VOP and said that he was deeply concerned with the way in which the ruling party is abusing the national events and using them for political aggrandizement.

Chiondegwa added that Zanu(PF) should not act as if they are the only ones who went to fight so as to liberate this country when many people took part even if they share different political views at present.

“Zanu(PF) has hijacked the independence day celebrations for political expedience. Independence celebrations should bring together all the people in the country because they all took part in the liberation of this country in one way or the other

“You find people chanting slogans at the celebrations denouncing others saying down with someone who has different political opinions. So how will these people join the celebrations if they are being assaulted left right and centre by those in power?,” said Chiondegwa.

Chiondegwa added that Mugabe uses these national events to insult others instead of speaking issues which will deliver the people of Zimbabwe from the clutches of hardship they are faced with at present.

Meanwhile, a mentally challenged man caused a scene at the Independence Day celebrations at Masvingo’s Mucheke Stadium, which was being addressed by the Minister of State for Masvingo Provincial Affairs Shuvai Mahofa, as he threatened security agents that they let him stand where he wishes or they will simply prove political independence is for those in power if they remove him from where he was standing.

Asked to react to Chiondegwa’s claim, Mahofa refused to give a comment but rather went on to shower praises on Mugabe for making this country not only politically independent but also economic independent. She went on to applaud the implementation ZimAsset and says it will transform the economy.



 “Mai Mahofa, look at what they are doing to me. Have I intervened with anyone serve for listening to your speech? Please help unless you tell me only those with influential positions have the right to act independently in Zimbabwe,” questioned the mentally challenged man.