MDC-T Develops Own Online Voter Registration

The MDC-T has embarked on a project to develop an online voters’ roll to promote transparency in the party.

 “As a party, we saw it fit to go digital in the way we handle internal elections. We know that there are many of our members out there who have access to the internet, so we decided to establish an internal electronic roll,” said an executive member speaking off the record.

“The process has just started and once we launch it, our members will be able to log onto the net, search for their names and analyse their voting status. They can then continuously visit our site to ensure their details such as names, ward and ID numbers are all in order.

 “As you know, we have been fighting for an electronic voters’ roll from Robert Mugabe’s government without success. We have decided to grow charity at home in MDC-T so that these skeptics will know what we are talking about. We want to lead by example,” she added.

The online roll would address concerns among party members ahead of elective events and help develop trust in the party’s internal voting system.

“This is all about democracy. We want accountability and access to information for our people. With time, we hope every Zimbabwean will have access to the internet and not bother about visiting our offices to know their voting status,” she added.

Obert Gutu, the national spokesperson, said he hoped the pilot project would grow into a national exercise.

The Registrar General and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) have given numerous excuses for their failure to deliver the voters’ roll, among them a breakdown of their computers. Critics say Zanu (PF) is reluctant to release the roll because it would expose many anomalies.

The RG’s office was in charge of compiling and managing the voters’ roll from 1980 until the new constitution adopted in 2013 transferred that role to ZEC. The commission says it has done a pilot voter registration exercise in Chirumanzu-Zibagwe and Mount Darwin West where by-elections will be held on March 27.



The Zimbabwean