MDC-T Dismisses War Vets' Council Interference Plans

The Morgan Tsvangirai-led Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) on Tuesday dismissed plans by Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene to appoint war veterans to act as shadow councillors at the MDC-T dominated Mutare City Council, saying the plot was meant to subvert the people’s rights to elect a leadership of their choice.  

The MDC-T in a statement, said: “The suggestion to set up such dubious structures merely confirms the fact that Zanu PF has no regard whatsoever for democracy and the people’s rights to elect their own leadership. While Zanu PF rigged the last election, it wants to further decimate the people’s choice by setting up a parallel structure comprising the so-called Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene and war veterans to do the work of council.”

This follows threats by Chimene last Sunday to set up a parallel council structure to keep the MDC-T councillors under check.

“The plan to depose an elected leadership is a brazen assault on democracy, constitutionalism and the rule of law. We in the MDC will not allow such arrant nonsense to take place in a city with an elected leadership. Any parallel structure would be patently illegal and unconstitutional and the MDC and the courts will not allow it.”