MDC-T Dissolves Foreign Structures

The restructuring of the party’s external branches follows complaints of corruption, mismanagement of the party’s funds, money laundering and vote rigging.
The move has not gone down well with some party heavyweights who accuse Tsvangirai of favouritism and of sidelining other regions.Previously the external structures were the responsibility of chairman, Lovemore Moyo who, according to some insiders, is no longer popular in some provinces.

Moyo is being seen by others in the party as ‘ too soft’ and lacking an aggressive attitude that is required to reign in party renegades.But some in the MDC-T say Moyo is now a very senior party leader who should not be running around disciplining wayward officials and renegades.
In the United Kingdom some members welcomed the new development especially those who were against Moyo in the first place.The MDC-T structures overseas have also been rocked by allegations of tribalism and corruption forcing some people from other provinces to resign and join parties such as Zapu and MDC led by Welshman Ncube.