MDC- T Honours Gibson Sibanda

Despite the formation of an inclusive government in Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party, still enjoys exclusive rights to decide who gets declared national hero or not.
Speaking to journalists in Bulawayo yesterday (Monday) during a ceremony by MDC-T to honour party members who died while working for the party, Thandi said there is no doubt  that her father was  national  hero but  because of Zanu (PF) selfishness his father  was not buried  at the national shrine.
“My father is a national hero, there is no doubt about that, but Zanu (PF) denied him his right to be buried at the national heroes’ acre because of their selfishness. However that doesn’t worry us as every Zimbabwean recognizes him as hero who liberated us from Zanu (PF) jaws we thank the MDC-T for honoring him today,” said Thandi.

Sibanda one of the founder  members of the united MDC died in August last  year and  was buried at his rural home in Filabusi ,Matabeleland South province after Zanu (PF) refused  to accord him  national heroes status.

 However the MDC-T’s youth assembly honored its party heroes with family members of the party cadres who died whilst fighting for the party awarded certificates of appreciation. The MDC-T youths said instead of celebrating lives of Zanu (PF) criminals  who are lying at National Heroes Acre and don’t deserve to be there, the party has decided to honour  its members who were  killed during political violence since year 2000

Some of the late MDC members who were crowned heroes besides Sibanda are , Susan Tsvangirai , Learnmore Jongwe, Tichaona Chiminya, Talent Mabika,Patrcik Nabanyama,Remember Moyo, Gertrude Mtombeni,Tonderai Ndira,Gift Tandare,Fainos Kufazvinei Zhou and many others.

Mtombeni’s cousin sister Tsepiso Helen Mpofu who was present at the ceremony also castigated Zanu (PF) saying “some of the people the party accorded heroes’ status are criminals who don’t deserve to be at the National heroes Acre.”