MDC-T Invites Zanu PF MPs For Mugabe Impeachment

By Staff Reporter

Harare, March 09, 2016 – THE MDC-T has called on Zanu PF MPs to help impeach their leader and national President Robert Mugabe whom the party accuses of gross incompetence and failure to protect the country’s mineral resources from a corrupt few.

This follows claims by the 92 year-old leader the country failed to realise even $2 billion from the lucrative diamond mining operations in Marange, which Mugabe pegged at $15 billion.

Government was in a 50-50 venture with diamond mining companies in Chiadzwa since formal mining began in Chiadzwa 2009.

Mugabe made claims of looting following a controversial order by his administration for firms to stop their operations in place of consolidated mining operations under its control.

The MDC-T Tuesday said President Mugabe should bear full responsibility for the pillaging of the country’s mineral wealth after his government chose to allow Chiadzwa diamonds to be mined in total secrecy and in violation of tender procedure during awarding of mining rights.

“It is beyond comprehension how a staggering US$15 billion worth of diamonds could go missing without the President of the country knowing, exactly, what is taking place on the ground,” party spokesperson Obert Gutu said in a statement.

“President Mugabe’s recent disclosure, therefore, is clear proof of gross dereliction of duty on his part.

“Without a proper and comprehensive forensic audit of the diamond mining activities in Marange being carried out, the people of Zimbabwe might never get to know how much, exactly, the country has lost as a result of the criminal and illicit financial flows coming out of Marange.

“The MDC holds Mugabe and his entire Zanu PF regime solely and wholly responsible for the mess in Marange.”

Gutu said the lucrative diamond mining activities in Chiadzwa never benefitted the local community, let alone a country which has suffered economic difficulty for years.

He said mining only benefitted President Mugabe’s cronies.

Gutu said it was apparent President Mugabe had lost control of both his party and the country and should be impeached if he did not leave voluntarily.

“It is apparent that there are some shadowy and Mafia-like forces that are now in de facto control of the country,” said the former deputy minister in the justice ministry.

“In order to save Zimbabwe from a complete and irretrievable breakdown, the MDC calls upon parliamentarians, across the political divide, to do the patriotic and honourable thing of immediately impeaching President Mugabe.


“The old man is certainly no longer fit and proper to remain in office as the country’s President. He has totally and hopelessly failed to discharge his duties as Head of State.”