MDC-T Makes A Turn On Constitution

 “As MDC we have agreed that this constitution which is underway is not the perfect one, but we will support it to sell through parliament and referendum for the sake of facilitating the end of the inclusive government. We want to let Zimbabweans know that when this government is over we  will  write a new  constitution which will reflect  true views  of the people not this one which is being done against the wills  of citizens. We will write a constitution which people will be freely airing they democratic views,”MDC National Spokes person Nelson Chamisa told Radio VOP.

 Zimbabwe is in the process of writing a new constitution which will pave way for fresh elections. The constitution making process which is being spearheaded by a wing of Parliament has been condemned by the civic society the National Constitutional Assembly NCA in particular which argues that the supreme law of the country should be written by an independent body not by politicians.

NCA  has already started campaigning  against the new constitution through its Take Charge Campaign meetings in which  it is pushing for a NO vote campaign that seeks to resist the Parliament sponsored constitution. The NCA has lined up a number of activities countrywide. The view gathering process of the constitution making process has  been characterised by violence with Zanu (PF) standing accused of coaching people what to say at the meetings.

At one point the revolutionary party launched operation Chimumumu, to silence members of the MDC from contributing to the process.