MDC-T Minister Questions Mpofu’s Wealth

Mpofu recently bailed out the bank after agreeing to invest in an asset backed transaction that involved the transfer of assets to the bank. The assets include York House, one of the tallest buildings in Bulawayo.

Mpofu’s investment rescued the bank from closure after it had battled to meet the US$12,5 million minimum capital requirements.

Writing on the social networking site, Gutu who is the MDC-T spokesperson for Harare province said it was impossible for a government minister to splash US$22 million on a bank.

How a Government Minister in a struggling economy like Zimbabwe can ”raise ” US$22 million and buy a whole bank surely boggles the mind….. Am I missing something here? Whither the diamonds of Marange and Chiadzwa. I will call this a festival of looting,” Gutu wrote.

The posting drew the ire of Gutu’s followers who accused Mpofu of looting the country’s resources.

Gutu became the second MDC-T official to question Mpofu’s wealth after the party’s secretary general said last month it was unbelievable that civil servants earning US$800 were now buying jets.

“There is no doubt that a small coterie of individuals is benefitting from Zimbabwe diamonds. Some of us who are benefitting are not afraid to flaunt our monies. We are buying all kinds of assets,” Biti told stakeholders attending a diamond workshop last month.

“I am a government minister and earning US$800. How do I buy some of the assets that we are buying?”

“People are now buying private jets because of our diamonds.”

Mpofu has in the past said his wealth is not ill-gotten and has evidence to prove that.