MDC-T Ministers Named Among CDF Embezzlers

“We still have 10 MPs who have not made returns,” Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Advocate Eric Matinenga told journalists at a press briefing Wednesday.

“There is Senator Holland, who has not made a return for Mabvuku-Tafara constituency, honourable Matibenga who has not made a return for Kuwadzana north constituency.”

Minister Holland is National Healing, Reconciliation and Integration co-minister while Matibenga is Public service Minister.

Zanu (PF)’s Douglas Mombeshora is the third government official suspected to have misappropriate the US$50 000 government disbursements to the country’s 210 parliamentary representatives to embark of development activities within their respective constituencies.

The other MPs are Marvellous Khumalo (MDC-T St Marys), Peter Chanetsa (Zanu PF MP Hurungwe North), Franco Ndambakuwa (Zanu PF Magunje), Edward Chindori-Chininga (Zanu Pf Guruve South), Larry Mavimba (Zanu PF Zvishavane Runde), Nison Nemadziva (MDC-T Buhera South) and Abraham Sithole (Zanu PF Chiredzi East).

Matinenga said the named MPs have defiantly refused to come forward with their returns saying his ministry has since alerted President Robert Mugabe and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai on the scam adding that they would soon engage the police.

“We have advised the office of the President, the office of the Prime Minister and we are working closely with the anti-corruption commission,” said Matinenga.

He however said the law was still going to catch up with the defiant legislators.

“Whether you have made a return or not, an audit will always catch up with you,” he said.

Minister Matinenga was evasive when asked if reports that the envisaged new national charter was going to bar the 88-year-old President Mugabe from contesting future polls based on a clause that puts an age limit on those seeking to occupy the country’s most influential job.

He was also dismayed that some top officials within the parliamentary select committee involved in the constitution making process in Zimbabwe were leaking information on the constitutional draft while evidently trying to curry favour with their leaders.

This he said was hampering the smooth running of the process.

Matinenga however said the country’s political leaders were adamant the constitution making process was irreversible despite fierce demands from some militant pro-Zanu (PF) groups for the process to be abandoned in place of a snap election.