MDC T Official Kidnapped, Youths Vow To Revenge

Last Maengahama, who runs a photocopying business in central Harare, was on Monday allegedly picked up by two unidentified men in plain clothes in Harare’s Central Business District.

“His whereabouts remain unknown and the party is making frantic efforts to locate him,” said party spokesman, Nelson Chamisa.

The alleged kidnapping and subsequent disappearance of the MDC official has raised fears of the resurgence of violence.

On Monday, Zanu (PF) supporters attacked MDC T youths in Mbare as they cleaned debris from their destroyed district offices in Harare’s oldest township.

Police later arrested seven supporters of the MDC T, accusing them of engaging in public violence.

On Tuesday the youth wing of the party threatened to launch revenge attacks on Zanu
(PF) supporters.

The chairman of the party’s youth wing, Thamsanga Mahlangu told journalists here that President Robert Mugabe’s party should be prepared to “receive as much as it is dishing out”.

“As the MDC Youth Assembly, we are more than prepared to defend the defenceless electorate if the police continue to stand aloof and be indifferent to Zanu (PF) violence,” said Mahlangu.

“We shall protect our parents, brothers and sisters wherever and under whatever circumstances. Zanu (PF) cannot and will not be allowed to continue to enjoy overstretched moments of madness, they must be prepared to receive as much as they dish out if this lawlessness continues.”

The MDC won a majority of parliamentary seats in the 2008 election. While Tsvangirai garnered the most votes in a first round presidential election, he boycotted the run-off citing attacks on his supporters by the army and police.

About 200 members of the party were killed in electoral violence while thousands others were
displaced from their homes.

On Monday the MDC office in Mbare was razed by Zanu (PF) supporters leaving hundreds of party supporters trooping out of the suburb to MDC headquarters in the city for refuge.

Mahlangu blasted the police for not acting decisively against thesurge in violence.

“We note the police’s ineffectiveness in stopping the violence and bringing the perpetrators to book. We are concerned by the harassment of our Youth Assembly members who are being arrested on flimsy grounds yet they are the victims of Zanu (PF) sponsored violence,” Mahlangu said.

“We call upon the ministers of Home Affairs, Hon Theresa Makone and Hon Kembo Mohadi, the Police Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri and the police chiefs to take urgent action against violence perpetrators.”

Mahlangu added calling for the immediate dissolution of the unity government.

“We are tired and sick of this marriage of convenience, this fake solidarity between a cow and a donkey, Zanu (PF) being the donkey under these circumstances,” he said.

“In fact February 11 is too far, we would like to go for Valentine’s Day while our minds are free from this rabies infested monster called GPA (Global Political Agreement).”