MDC-T Officially Welcomes Mutinhiri into Its Fold

The MDC Mashonaland East province welcomed her as a fully fledged member of the labour-backed party at a function held at Harvest House, the party’s headquarters in central Harare.

Pineal Denga, the provincial chairperson introduced the former Zanu PF legislator and welcomed her to the MDC.

“As the MDC family, we warmly welcome Mai Mutinhiri and salute her for the bold decision she took in abandoning the sinking Zanu PF and joining the MDC. We are prepared to work with such courageous people who sacrifice to do the right thing for the good of this great nation and its people,” said Denga.

In her speech, Mai Mutinhiri praised the MDC as a progressive and visionary party that respects the rights of all Zimbabweans.

She narrated how the State machinery was unleashed on her, saying God wanted her to taste the dosage of Zanu PF medicine.

“I salute you all in the MDC for the courage and resistance you have shown over the years against Zanu PF brutality. It is God’s plan and the MDC has the blessing from Him. I want to be with you in the democratisation of our country.

“I have been touched by the level of tolerance within the MDC unlike in Zanu PF where there is no freedom of expression,” she said.

The MDC said in a statement Mutinhiri has become the latest causality in Zanu PF for showing political maturity and demanding openness in the rank and file of the “sunset” party.