MDC T Organises Global Protests Against South Africa

“This is an appeal to all Zimbabweans and Friends of Zimbabwe wherever they may to heed the call for a worldwide mass protest at the Embassies, Consulate Missions, Union Buildings and Parliament of the Republic of South Africa on Saturday.

“The protests will be held simultaneously. We will hand over petitions of our demands to the authorities at these targeted institutions. These protest demonstrations will continue on a monthly basis,” Den Moyo, the chairman of party’s USA chairman said in the press release.

Moyo noted that South Africa is targeted because as the as the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) appointed mediator, the neighbouring country is responsible for ensuring that the GPA is implemented in full.

“South Africa has always maintained to the world that the Zimbabwean crisis is an African problem that requires African solutions, so we want to hold them true to their word.

“South Africa as the dominant power in Africa has the political and economic muscle to get Robert Mugabe and his Zimbabwe African National Union (ZANU PF) to respect the wishes of the Zimbabwean people which were demonstrated through the overwhelming support of the MDC in the 2008 elections,” Moyo added.

He also indicated that “by virtue of being Zimbabwe’s neighbor, and considering the number of Zimbabwean refugees in SA, it is commonsensical that SA has a strong national interest in finding a lasting solution to the Zimbabwean crisis.”