MDC-T Slams Govt For Ditching Own Workers

THE MDC-T has slammed the current Zanu PF led government for allegedly ditching the plight of ordinary civil servants while prioritising expensive holidays abroad.

The main opposition also condemned a recent government directive for all teachers on leave to return to work immediately, insisting authorities were taking away their workers’ rights.

“It would appear that the Zanu PF regime has got a bone to chew with teachers,” party spokesperson Obert Gutu said in a Thursday statement.

“The MDC calls upon the national treasury, broke as it might be, to prioritise the timeous payment of civil servants’ salaries.

“It is also mindboggling that the entire Zanu PF Cabinet travelled to the Middle East and the Far East to spend the festive season with their families whilst teachers and all other civil servants endured one of the most miserable and unexciting festive seasons because they were not paid their December salaries on time.”

Gutu described as “undue punishment” the continued failure by the current government to guarantee civil servants their 2015 bonuses.

“President Robert Mugabe and his extended family are still enjoying their annual holidays in the Middle East,” he said of the Zimbabwean leader who left the country for the Far East on his annual vacation.

“Indeed, President Mugabe has made it a tradition to travel to far away and very expensive destinations, at the expense of the near bankrupt national treasury, for his annual leave and Christmas holidays.”

The main opposition also condemned President Mugabe for running a bloated government of nearly 70 ministers while hospitals continued to operate without essential drugs and medicine.


The MDC-T says the current government has prioritised buying expensive vehicles for ministers and the military top brass while the public transport system meant for ordinary citizens has been run down by the same system.