MDC-T Supporters Arrested In Lupane

MDC-T supporters were arrested on their way to St Paul’s Business Centre were the Prime Mister, Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, was scheduled to address a rally after touring a government project at St Paul’s Hospital were he was also barred from entering the gate by three law enforcement agents.

The riot police dispersed 1000 MDC-T supporters at St Paul’s Business centre and they ran battles with MDC-T National deputy organising secretary, Abednico Bhebhe who was also manhandled and promised to be shot if he insisted on showing them the court order that was granting MDC-T to go ahead with the rally in Lupane.
Speaking to Radio VOP after running battles with the police, Bhebhe said that it is now clear to SADC and South African President, Jacob Zuma that something has to be done on security sector reforms because the police are defying court orders and taking instructions from Zanu-PF and not serving the interest of the people.
“Names of the arrested MDC-T supporters will be announced as soon as we locate were they are kept. Honestly, the police claim that they have no manpower to provide security during our rally until next week but they are able to send three Land Rovers full of riot police offers to come and disperse and arrest people who have come to our rally,” Bhebhe asked.
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says President Robert Mugabe told him he wants to step down but he can not leave now since his party is facing serious divisions.
 Meanwhile Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai  addressing more than 1500 MDC-T supporters at Pashu business centre in Binga South on Friday Tsvangirai said Mugabe told him Zanu-PF is in tatters and he can’t step down.

“I asked Mugabe why he is not retiring and go home to rest, but he told me openly that his party is in tatters with two factions one led by (Emerson) Mnangagwa and another by (Joyce) Mujuru fighting. But come elections I will defeat him, you can’t compare to that old man, I am young and raring to go,” said Tsvangirai.

 Tsvangirai also said  Zanu-PF knows very well  that he is very popular  among  Zimbabweans that is  the  reason why  they have criticize him  day in day out in state media.

“Zanu (PF) knows that I am very popular among Zimbabweans and I will   win any election, that’s the reason why they are working daily to tarnish my image. Now there are saying Tsvangirai love gays. I am not a gay myself but I won’t persecute gays because there were born like that.

“Instead of Zanu-PF dealing with bread and butter issue serious issues they now spend time talking about gays,” said Tsvangirai.

Tsvangirai also said: “Zimbabwe is rich in diamonds but Zanu-PF has been looting the country’s resources and people have remained poor”.

The rally which was initially banned by Matebeleland North police was also attended by Deputy Prime Minister, Thokozani Khupe and other senior MDC-T senior officials.

Magistrate Stephen Ndlovu of Hwange Magistrate Courts  gave the MDC-T last time permission to go ahead with the rally.

Although the rally had a court green light several roadblocks had been set up by police all the way from Dete to Pashu business centre in Binga with police searching cars and asking many questions.

Tsvangirai is expected to hold another rally St Paul Mission today Saturday afternoon which was also given a go ahead by a Lupane Magistrate Tafadzwa Gwazemba yesterday.

Police in Matabeleland North have been preventing Tsvangirai from campaigning in the province since the run up to the June 27,  2008 presidential run-off poll. His armoured BMW campaign car was seized by police in the provincial capital, Lupane and has not been released.

According to the Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) Matabeleland North is now the most hostile province in the country as police have so far arrested or harass more than 40 politicians and human rights activists since January.