MDC-T Supporters Defy Police Ban,Stage Demo

Main opposition party MDC-T supporters in Chiendambuya, Makoni North, on Friday defied a police ban and went ahead with their unsanctioned demonstration against Zanu PF government’s alleged misrule.

Police had on Thursday ordered aspiring MP in the constituency David Tekeshe to call off the demonstrations.

However, more than 200 placard-waving supporters marched at Chiendambuya Growth Point as they demanded the resignation of President of Robert Mugabe, accusing him of mismanaging the economy.

The demonstrations went on despite the heavy presence of police officers and other State agents.

In an interview on the sidelines of the demonstrations, Tekeshe said demonstrations were the only available means to register their displeasure against the Zanu PF government.

“We had written to police seeking an order to conduct our demonstrations, but they refused. They argued that we should instead conduct a rally without any placards, but we were forced to use placards because this is the only way to speak against the ills of our government,’’ he said.

“I’m a democrat. Demonstrations are my only tool. I do not have a gun or cannon. This is my only voice. We hope that if it comes from us as a rural community, President Mugabe may listen,” a defiant Tekeshe said before the demonstrations.

Tekeshe said that the ruling party Zanu PF was not going to hand power on a silver platter, hence the need to take a robust action.

The outspoken businessman, who pays fees for 100 pupils in his community, added that he was feeling the effects of the deteriotating economy as he was now struggling to raise the fees for underprivileged children.

‘’I am a successful businessperson, but l have not been spared the biting economic challenges,” Tekeshe said.

“My request is that Mugabe must retire. We have gold, diamonds, platinum, iron, coal, you name it, but the people have nothing. Only a few people are enjoying. Some African countries only have one resource and their economies are thriving.

“Mugabe is spending millions on treatment, some of which can be easily accessed locally, while here at Weya Hospital, there are no basic drugs,” he said before drawing a comparison between the Zanu PF leader’s attitude towards his local health care service sector and that of the late South African former president Nelson Mandela.

“Mandela never left his country to seek medical services elsewhere until his death. We have very competent medical personnel here who even surprised him by managing to separate Siamese twins,” he said.