MDC-T Urges Chinese Nationals To Stop Exploiting Zimbabweans

This followed reports that more than 30 construction workers at the National Defence College in Harare were barred from protesting by armed soldiers over the illegal termination of their contracts and non-payment of their wages.

The employees complained of being subjected to work extremely long hours and that their employment contracts had been terminated without notice.
“It is disturbing to note that the ill-treatment of Zimbabweans by foreigners has been going on for some time and is on the rise.  We call for an end to this,” MDC said in a statement.

“The reason why people of Zimbabwe went to war against the colonialists was in order to liberate ourselves and be treated with respect and dignity.
“As the MDC, we urge the inclusive government to stop this injustice. The action by some of these foreign investors is not expected and should never be tolerated in a civilised society like Zimbabwe.”
The workers were barred by soldiers from demonstrating against their former employer by soldiers guarding the construction site.
President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF have been encouraging Chinese investors to set up businesses in the country saying they are better than Western investors who allegedly exploit locals.
MDC condemned the use of Zimbabwean soldiers to harass local workers.
“Zimbabweans are known for their hard work and should be rewarded accordingly,” the party said.

“What is even more disturbing is the use of armed soldiers to thwart the unarmed demonstrators from carrying out their democratic right to have their grievances addressed.”