MDC-T Youth Leader Mkhwananzi On Firing Line

Harare, March 12, 2014-MDC-T Youth Assembly secretary-general Promise Mkhwananzi has reportedly thrown  himself into the firing line after he publicly denounced the ongoing purge of party members suspected to be backing moves to oust party leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Mkhwananzi on Monday accused Tsvangirai’s backers of being averse to divergent views, especially on calls for leadership renewal.

He also took aim at party organising secretary Nelson Chamisa for allegedly praise-singing for Tsvangirai, accusing the youthful politician of being behind the purge of competitors to pave way for his ambitions of taking over as MDC-T president.

Already, four top party officials, who include deputy treasurer-general Elton Mangoma, Manicaland chairperson Julius Magarangoma and spokesperson Pishai Muchauraya and Matabeleland North chairperson Sengezo Tshabangu, have been suspended over the same charges.

Yesterday, MDC-T national youth spokesperson Clifford Hlatshwayo warned that Mkhwananzi could be suspended as he had violated the party’s constitution.

“We take great exception of the fact that the secretary-general can divulge party proceedings in the public domain and such an act is tantamount to a security breach.

“We are no longer sure how much of such sensitive information the secretary-general churns out to people. Appropriate decisions will be made at the appropriate time on the conduct of the secretary-general which we feel has been a violation of the constitution,” Hlatshwayo said in a Press release.

“It has also been communicated to him that he should desist from uttering unsubstantiated statements contrary to the views and standing resolutions of the assembly and party in general no matter how different it might be to his personal views and aspirations as we operate as a collective,” Hlatshwayo said.

Mkhwananzi, who was roughed up at the MDC-T Harvest House headquarters last month, was unreachable for comment.

On Monday, he accused Tsvangirai backers of setting “a very dangerous trajectory for a movement that not only provided enormous hope for the people of Zimbabwe, but one which claimed to be a big church of divergent ideas”.