MDC-T, Zanu (PF) Legislators Click On Investment Law Overhaul

Legislators from both sides of the divide have concurred that the legislative agenda to speed up the overhaul of investment laws in the country is an urgent need.

In a rather unusual contribution, the MDC-T applauded the presidential calls for the operationalisation of a One Stop Shop.

In Thursday’s parliamentary session, MDC-T legislators; Eddie Cross and  Tapiwa Mashakada sang from the same hymn book with Zanu PF’s Dr Munyaradzi Kereke on the urgent need for reforms that will create the One Stop Shop.

They contend that it is important to ensure business and investment is handled efficiently and diligently in the country.

The speech by President Robert Mugabe at the official opening of the 3rd session of the 8th Parliament tasked the legislature to debate bills that are meant to improve the ease of doing business in Zimbabwe.

Some notable pieces of legislation to be debated are the Zimbabwe Investment Authority Bill, State Procurement Amendment Bill, the Special Economic Zones Bill and the E-Transaction Bill, among others