MDC To Go To Court On Speaker Election

“We are concerned by the serious flouting of the law that has been done by the clerk of parliament Mr Austin Zvoma,” said Secretary General of the party, Tendai Biti when he addressed journalists at Parliament building.

“No one has the right to move the date of the adjournment of parliament forward.It is very clear that when a vacancy has arisen on the position of the speaker there has to be an election in terms of the Parliament Act. The further unilateral adjournment of parliament by Zvoma was meant to avoid the operation of order 16 of the standing rules of parliament today.

“It’s very regrettable that Zvoma has become a willing appendage of our friends in Zanu (PF) who are clearly not ready for this election. We are considering filing a court application.”

 The party said it will still field Lovemore Moyo for the position.

 Zvoma on Tuesday mourning announced the cancellection of the election of the speaker of parliament.

The post became vacant after the Supreme Court nullified the post of Speaker, citing irregularities in the way he was elected in 2008.