MDC To Hold Annual Conference in Bulawayo

The MDC, which is currently investigating corruption among councillors countrywdie, to save the party as the country trudges towards elections next year, has already fired 12 councillors in Harare including the capital city’s deputy Mayor Emmanuel Chiroto.

“This year’s celebrations will be held under the theme; MDC @13 The Last Mile: Towards Real Transformation. The main event, at White City Stadium in Bulawayo, shall set the tone for similar festivities to be held countrywide,” the MDC said adding that September 29 as the date of the conference,” noted a statement by the party.

Last MDC annual celebrations were attended by thousands of party supporters in Harare at Gwanzura Stadium.

“As the theme clearly suggests, over the past 13 years the MDC, as the vanguard of the people’s struggle has made phenomenal achievements in the social, political and economic life of Zimbabwe,” the MDC said.

“The MDC has acquitted itself well as a pro-people and pro-poor party – A Party of Excellence.Since the party’s formation 13 years ago on 11 September, 1999 at Rufaro Stadium in Harare, the MDC has achieved a number of goals which among other issues include; bringing food to the people of Zimbabwe despite many challenges faced in light of Zanu (PF)’s brutality.”

The party said during its 13 year journey to achieve real change and democracy in Zimbabwe, the MDC had faced many challenges of election victories being stolen and supporters being injured and killed by Zanu (PF) using State machinery throughout the country.

The MDC is now in control of all the urban councils except Chitungwiza and most of the rural councils. In 2009, after winning the 2008 harmonised elections it was involved in the formation of the inclusive government with Tsvangirai becoming the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe.

“This year’s celebrations come at a time when the party is preparing for a referendum on the draft Constitution which will lead to the holding of free and fair elections next year. The MDC is confident of winning the elections and forming a government t that will deliver and bring real change and democracy to Zimbabwe and its people,” the party said.

The MDC conference will be graced by leaders from the civic society, foreign diplomats, church and traditional leaders. The party did not state who the guest of honour at this year’s event but last year Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga attended the party’s congress to the chagrin of Mugabe.

The MDC, as an idea, was first endorsed on 26 February 1999 by over 700 ordinary men and women at the Zimbabwe Women’s Bureau in Hillside, Harare.

“Zanu PF immediately polished up its political culture of violence, leading to scores of deaths and massive displacements of the poor. The situation remains unchanged to this day,” the MDC said.

MDC leader Tsvangirai is also expected to wed this month with his wife, Elizabeth Macheka.

MDC’s main political rival, Mugabe’s Zanu (PF) party will hold it’s annual conference in December in Gweru in what might be the last conference before elections possibly next year.