MDC To Honour Own Heroes

The party’s Bulawayo Provincial Youth Assembly chairperson, Bekithemba Nyathi said instead of attending the traditional Zanu (PF) dominated provincial heroes celebrations, the youth assembly will be holding its own parallel commemorations in the city for its heroes and heroines who “sacrificed for the people’s democratic struggle”.  
“On heroes day we will be remembering those great men and women who fell for the cause of our freedom. As appreciation for their commitment and sacrifice for a better Zimbabwe we will be giving out posthumous courageous  certificates to the families of the departed heroes and heroines,” said Nyathi.
Nyathi said some of family members of the departed activists will also be given food hampers.
The MDC youth leader also took a swipe at Zanu (PF) for monopolising the heroes commemorations.
“We note sadly that our national shrine, the national heroes acre has been turned into a partisan shrine where true heroes lie with praise singers and Zanu (PF) hangers on who have records or history of selfless commitment to the people’s cause.  We have no doubt that these gallant fighters are not resting peacefully as they lie alongside these characters who have left so much pain and did more harm than good to this great nation,” he said.
Some of the people who will be remembered are Learnmore Jongwe, Susan Tsvangirai, Gibson Sibanda, Getrude Mthombeni, Patrick Nabanyama and the Olds couple, Gloria and Martin. In an interview ith Radio VOP Zapu national spokesperson, Methuseli Moyo said his party will also boycott the provincial celebrations.
“The problem is that Zanu (PF) always want to dominate and use these functions for political gain. As a progressive party we do not want to be seen associating with Zanu (PF),” said Moyo.

Moyo however pointed out that individual party members were free to attend the occasion. The Bulawayo provincial spokesperson of the smaller faction of the Welshman Ncube led faction, Edwin Ndlovu said his party will only attend the celebrations on condition that no party regalia and slogans are allowed at the function.