MDC To Lodge Complaint Against Malema's Outbursts

In a statement the MDC has hit back at Malema describing his attack on Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s party as irresponsible and immature outbursts.

A highly placed MDC official told RadioVOP Friday that they were now left with no option except to complain to ANC president Jacob Zuma. “The outbursts by Malema are just coming out from nowhere and without substance. We need that to be corrected as soon as possible even if it means going to South Africa to understand what is going on.

“Given that President Zuma is involved in talks to resolve the crisis in Zimbabwe we find it strange that Malema attacks us like this,” said the top MDC official.

In the official statement released on Friday evening, the MDC says it is dismayed by the inflammatory hate speech by the ANC youth league president saying it was improper and impolitic for him to do so.

Malema was in Zimbabwe over the Easter holiday to prop up failed Zanu PF policies like the violent and chaotic land reform programme and the indigenisation and empowerment act. He however also lambasted Zanu PF for using violence to win elections.

“Malema should know that the MDC is not an opposition party but a ruling party that overwhelmingly beat Zanu PF on 29 March 2008. It is unbridled naivety on the part of Malema to refer to a party that overwhelmingly won an election as a “popcorn party.”

“Malema’s pilgrimage and his chanting of Zanu PF slogans represent gross interference in Zimbabwe’s internal party politics to prop up the fortunes of the rejected Zanu PF.

“The MDC is a party that is fighting for democracy, rule of law and human rights for all unlike Zanu PF, which has a violent track record, which saw over 20 000 people killed during the Gukurahundi period in the 1980s and as recently as 2008. This violence prompted even Malema himself to say militancy does not mean violence

“The MDC is shocked by Malema’s claims that the MDC is holding rallies in leafy suburbs such as Sandton in South Africa when it is well known that the MDC has been holding real change rallies across the country, which have been attended by thousands of Zimbabweans who overwhelmingly voted for change on 29 March 2008,” reads part of the statement.

The MDC added that they are now demanding answers from the ANC leadership.

“The MDC is a party of excellence. We demand an unequivocal position from the ANC on whether Malema’s utterances represent the official position of that party which is involved in a delicate mediation process in this country.

“We hope the ANC realizes the gravity of Malema’s utterances and their significance to the people of Zimbabwe.

“Zimbabweans know what they want. Zimbabweans want real change as represented by the MDC. Zimbabweans deserve hope, freedom, prosperity, security and dignity.”