MDC Urges Zimbabweans to Vote "Yes"

Biti said his party is looking forward to the referendum and urged Zimbabweans to vote for the draft constitution.

“It’s a superior document than the document we have which purports to be our constitution. We are going to urge our supporters and Zimbabweans to for this draft constitution in the referendum,” said Biti while addressing press conference at Harvest House last Friday.

“It was a long and acrimonious decision that we accepted the draft constitution, we are going to leave the people of Zimbabwe to be the referees of this draft rather that leaving it to one political party but we think it’s a good document.”

Biti was meanwhile caught fat footed by questions on his party’s choice Tsvangirai’s presidential running mate.

Biti whose usually a combative was a shadow of his usually self. He had to briefly consult his party colleagues who were also at the press conference before giving his answer to the question.

“We accept the principle of running mates as we are a democratic party. Our leader Morgan Tsvangirai said he does not want the burden to fall on him alone, but he wants democracy to prevail in the party and we all agreed  that our Deputy president Thokozani Khupe will be the running mate,” said Biti.

A constitutional clause of the new draft constitution requires presidential candidates to nominate two running mates.

The party also unveiled Joel Gabbuza as the party’s new deputy spokesperson, replacing Tabitha Khumalo who was fired last month in controversial circumstances.