MDC Worried About Deaths

Speaking during the burial of a couple that succumbed to injuries sustained in political violence in 2008 and this year at Nyazvidzi
village in Gutu north, local legislator, Edmore Maramwidze Hamandishe said they were worried with the ever increasing number of their
members who are losing their lives as a result of torture and harassment by members of the rival Zanu pf.

Crispen Gurajena and his wife, Raina were buried last Friday after they died of severe internal injuries they sustained after they were
beaten in 2008 for spearheading MDCT campaign in their constituency before they were also attacked last month by youth militias who
accused them of defying Zanu pf orders in contributing views during the just ended constitution making out-reach programme.

Hamandishe said the couple that held the post of district secretary and information and publicity was taken to hospital last week after
they started complaining of internal pains in their bodies. They were admitted at Gutu Mission hospital where the wife passed away first
before the husband followed two days later.

“We are not pleased at all to watch our members perish from injuries they sustained during acts of political violence. As a party we are
growing impatient with the failure by government to take action against those who are responsible for the murders of our colleagues,
we know them and they are walking freely in the villages,” said Hamandishe.

Hamandishe said his party in the province was growing edgy by the National healing organ he described as useless and a toothless bulldog
that has done nothing to heal the souls of political victims and their relatives.

“When  we set up this organ in the Inclusive government we thought that it was going to do its job of  healing the wounds of political
violence from our people but two years on it has done nothing and our people continue to bear the pain of seeing perpetrators of violence
walking free when they killed their relatives,” he added.

He added that the organ should be disbanded and government bring the perpetrators to book and face trial for the atrocities they committed.

Hamandishe said this year alone in Gutu, his party has buried over 30 activists who succumbed to injuries sustained in the infamous 2008
elections run-off were MDC claim that it lost over 200 members to political violence.