MDC Youths Abducted For Celebrating Mubarak Step-down

MDC T officials here suspect that their members were abducted by President Robert Mugabe’s dreaded spy agency, the CIO as eye witnesses said the five were bundled into to an Isuzu twin cab truck by armed men clad in black suits and dark glasses.

According to an eye witness, Erias Gumbu, the youth who were drinking the local opaque beer’ Scud’ started singing after receiving news from the radio that Mubarak had been forced to leave his post as president and chanted that Mugabe should follow suit.

Gumbu said it was suspected that Zanu (PF) officials reported them to the spy agents from Mpandawana growth-point who arrived at the township three hours later and took them away accusing them of attempting to incite people to rise against Mugabe.

He said the relatives of the five, Tonderayi Mwando, Edmore Gonese, Farayi Munyikwa, Rodgers Gwandu and one unidentified youth said their whereabouts were still unknown despite making a police report at Bhasera Police Station.

Ruramayi Gonese, Edmore’s sister her family was scared that their brother could have been murdered by the ruthless agents who have a reputation of abducting members from rival Zanu (PF) parties in the country.

“We are now leaving in fear that our brother could have been killed by these guys as we are aware of their records in the country regarding such issues of abductions. A lot of people went missing during the 2008 presidential run-off elections and their whereabouts are still a mystery and we have began thinking that this could be the fate that fell to Edmore,” she said.

MDC-T Gutu district chairperson, Godfrey Rutavi, confirmed the incident and lambasted the continued victimisation of their members saying it was a way by Zanu (PF) to intimidate their supporters ahead of the elections to be held later this year.

“We are disturbed so much by the continued victimisation and harassment of our supporters here. We think that this is a deliberate ploy by Zanu (PF) to instil fear and intimidate our legion of supporters so that they won’t vote for us in the elections widely expected sometime this year. But we are coming up with strategies to resist such moves so that we defeat them again this year in the polls,” he said.

Masvingo Police spokes-person, Inspector Tinaye Matake declined to comment.