MDCs Demand Mugabe Holiday Return As Country Burns

HARARE-The two main MDCs have demanded President Robert Mugabe’s immediate return from his month long holiday abroad insisting he has to come and personally grapple with the myriad problems besetting his country.

Mugabe and family left the country over a week ago to enjoy his annual leave in the Far East.

Behind him, he left his lieutenants grappling with a pay crisis for government workers who have been threatening to down tools over delays in accessing their December salaries and bonuses.

His opponents have slated the veteran leader for turning his back on a burning nation.

“…the MDC would like to call upon Robert Mugabe to cut short his undeserved  State – funded holiday and to  immediately come back so that he can personally take control of the collapsing national economy,” MDC-T spokesperson Obert Gutu said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The country is on virtual auto pilot as the nonagenarian President is living it up in the Far East. How insensitive and selfish can a President be?”

The MDC-T further called on parliamentarians to impeach the Zimbabwean leader for failing leadership.

“The MDC would also like to take this opportunity to call upon all Parliamentarians, across the political divide, to put their heads together when Parliament resumes sitting within the next few weeks,” Gutu said.

“It is abundantly clear that President Robert Mugabe has abdicated his responsibilities as the Head of State and as such, Parliament should proceed to impeach him.

Similarly, Professor Welshman Ncube’s MDC said President Mugabe, who is also AU chairman, should immediately cut his sojourn to attend to mounting problems affecting his country and the continent.

“We want Mugabe to cut short his leave and attend to the decay in Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole,” party spokesperson Kurauone Chihwayi said.

“Burundi is burning as Mugabe feasts in the Far East. The once colourful Zimbabwe has been reduced to a shanty town with dysfunctional infrastructure.”

Government business has often virtually stalled whenever President Mugabe is away with his lieutenants refraining from making key and substantive decisions.


Those who have been brave enough to make the decisions have suffered the ignominy of having their decisions reversed, often publicly by the populist President.