Messenger Of Court Shuts Down Internet Cafes

Most of the affected cafes are those in Harare.The owners and directors of the cafes are understood to have fled the country leaving a huge debt amounting to that amount.

“We saw drama when the messenger of court came and closed the internet cafe,” said an onlooker who witnessed the closure of one of them along Samora Machel Avenue in Harare.
“They just came and told people to leave and then they took away all the computers and the furniture and then closed the internet cafe here.”

Quick & Easy was the best internet cafe in Zimbabwe which had the fastest broadband and the longest time for customers in Harare.Customers were left stranded and yet some of them had paid membership fees at the cafes in Harare.
It could not be established what would happen to the money that had been deposited by customers into the Quick & Easy account because the directors were nowhere to be seen.
Desks, computers, and carpets were taken away in Harare by the Messenger of Court.